Selling With Belmar

When you decide to hand the keys of your home over to us at Belmar Real Estate, we take this decision very seriously and with a great deal of gratitude. You have entrusted us with often your biggest asset and have given us the permission to speak about your home in detail to clients.

Only you know the true feelings and joys your home has bought you over the journey. The laughs, the tears, the gatherings, the occasions, the protection from the elements and a place to call yours, a home to treasure and a home that is often not easy to say goodbye to.

We want to get to know your home intimately. We want to be able to convey all of the great things about your home to potential buyers. Where in you the garden you sit on a windy day, how the sun streams through the front windows mid-morning to warm not only your lounge but your soul. The fact that there are sensor lights outside making access in winter a breeze.

We will be passionate about your home, its location and the opportunity it offers potential buyers.

Most of all, our combined 40 years of experience ensure you have the best real estate negotiators on the Mornington Peninsula working for you.

You are our client, you are the ones we will achieve an exceptional result for.

Based on our experience, we know that there are 4 key ingredients to selling a home that will make selling your home seamless, stress free and rewarding. We are happy to discuss this with you.