About Us

Pockley& Roderick have taken their experience of over 20 years of working within the systems of the major real estate franchises and personalised them to enable a customer service offering rarely seen in the Eastern Suburbs real estate market today.


Tim Pockley has been selling and managing real estate in the Eastern Suburbs for over 35 years. Having owned the Raine & Horne Woollahra franchise for 12 years, and worked within the major franchise firms prior to this, Tim Pockley and David Roderick opened Pockley & Roderick in September 1999 to offer to their clients the service they were continually asking for, which at the time the policies of the major franchises restricted.


Many owners, whether selling or renting their properties through Pockley& Roderick appreciate Tim’s wealth and depth of experience within this competitive market plus the fact they have access to him personally as he is involved in every transaction within the agency.


Why not take advantage of his experience and get Tim to provide a market evaluation on your property today – call us on 02 9328 7211 to book this in.

Pockley and Rockerick